Peter Paul van Kempen

Peter Paul van Kempen is an independent psychologist and co-founder of, an expertise platform on communication and human behavior change for conservation and sustainable development. Since 1991 he conducts research and develops strategies for governments and the corporate sector, using state of the art psychological know how. He delivers projects which connect with audiences by understanding them first, and which result in change by knowing the effective drivers of specific behaviours.
He is author of various publications about communication, education and behaviour change for sustainable development and is co-author of the IUCN CEPA toolkit. He researched periodically the social success factors of innovations in the sustainable energy market for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. He published about his research on influencing decision makers in commercial real estate in order to promote sustainable building practices. In 2016, Peter Paul developed a communication strategy based on his research for UNDP aimed at combatting Alien Invasive Species in Sri Lanka. He delivered a strategy on online knowledge management for IUCN CEC in 2002 and published an overview of the trends in environmental education in Europe for the European Commission in 1999.
Before he launched his own consultancy in 1998, Peter Paul started his career in 1991 working for Motivaction, a leading Dutch research based consultancy, where he published yearly on trends in the field of environmental friendly product design and supply chain management. He also worked as senior consultant for SME, a NGO specialized in Environmental Communication and Education.
Peter Paul holds a master degree in psychology (1989) from Utrecht University and completed the Postgraduate Master Course Environmental Management and Policy (1991) from the University of Amsterdam, VU University, the University of Leiden and Wageningen University. In 2015 he received a certified Design of Behavior Change training from B.J. Fogg, innovation psychologist who is leading the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University.
Peter Paul van Kempen is a Dutch citizen, married and based in Amsterdam. He is a member of IUCN CEC since 2002 and was a CEC Steering Committee member in 2015-2016.

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