• CEC Meet and Greet

    CEC members convened during the World Parks Congress for an informal gathering.

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  • CEC @ WPC

    A selection of photos of CEC members on Facebook participating at the 2014 World Parks Congress

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  • Building a sustainable future.

    CEC authors contributed to this book on Intergenerational Learning.

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  • Watch progress report prezi to IUCN Council

    Dr. Zeidler wows Council on yearly activities. Take a look.

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Thought Leadership

Science Communication & Learning

Empowering the next generation to connect with nature

Humans have an affinity for nature. This love of nature termed ‘biophilia’ was defined by E. O. Wilson (1984, p. 58) as: “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”. We have evolved within and with nature. At the most basic of levels, we learned that plants and animals provided food, fibre and skins and so we tended them and cared for them. Our affiliation, however, goes deeper than addressing the biological necessities of life. Nature has provided spiritual, aesthetic, and philosophical pillars for the growth and expression of human culture.. Read More »

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CEC Members in Action

Children and Nature

CEC members might remember the release at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, 2012, of the research report “Children and Nature .. Read More »

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Justine Braby

Environmental Consultant, Independent

Passionate, Inspiring, Hopeful

Previously, I worked for a Namibian-based environmental consulting (http://www.iecn-namibia.com) company called IECN, the director of which is CEC..

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