Florent Kaiser

Florent is a young (31) conservationist and entrepreneur who is committed to protecting and restoring the earth’s forests. He teams up globally with scientist, development practitioners, rural communities and entrepreneurs of all ages to create solutions that help regenerate ecosystems and livelihoods. Currently, he is based in Lima, Peru from where he explores how purpose-driven businesses in Latin America team up with indigenous communities to help restore degraded landscapes in the Amazon.

Florent looks over 11 years of leading youth groups acting in the realm of forests and sustainable landscape. He previously acted as President of the International Forestry Students’ Association(IFSA) and co-founded various global youth groups including the Global Landscapes Forum connected Youth in Landscapes Initiative that unites networks representing a total of over 30,000 young forest and agricultural practitioners world-wide. He participated as youth representative in various high-level education task forces and sat on numerous panels to advocate for bringing the youth and other marginalized groups in the center of decision making.

Florent believes in effective communication and storytelling to connect, teach and inspire people to collaborate, speak up and take action. He has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds in over 30 countries in Asia and Latin-America, recently spent a cumulated 4 years out living with forest and rural communities, speaks a variety of languages and is a firm advocator of inclusiveness, cross-border collaboration and diversity.

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