The Life of an aluminium can game has been developed by Göncöl Foundation in the framework of NatuREcycle– Playful Experience of Life-cycle project and was supported by ALCOA Foundation.

The Life of an aluminium can shows us in a systemic approach the environmental impact of aluminium production, from the mining of bauxite, through the production of the raw material to manufacturing, transportation, packaging and shopping and also waste management. The game aims to call attention to the individual responsibility and conscious consumer shopping and how our decisions are connected to the natural environment. The participants follow the lifecycle of the aluminium can through 8 stops on the board or on the flowchart prepared in advance.

Download NatuREcyle - Life of an aluminum can game 

About The NatuREcycle Project

The NatuREcycle project is the follow-up to the Pass the Can initiative of 2013 with the support of Alcoa Foundation. The project is implemented by Hungarian IUCN Member Göncöl Foundation in co-operation with the Commission on Education and Communication of IUCN. Photo by Edina Kump.

The aim of the project is to develop an educational game designed to raise awareness about the environmental impact of aluminium production, from the mining of bauxite, through the production of the raw material to manufacturing and packaging.

The game has been piloted during a three-day playing house with the participation of 400 students in May 2014 in Vác, Hungary. The guidelines have been developed with the input of IUCN CEC members and based on the experiences of the playing house and feedback of piloting teachers and children.

Recommendation by CEC

The project team:

Vilmos Kiszel, project leader, reviser,

The game’s developers and authors:

Edina Kump, game developer, ECO-Pack Playhouse leader
Kata Zsófia Kiszel, game developer, project coordinator, playhouse animator
Zsuzsanna Kray, editor, playhouse animator
Enikő Vera Szilágyi, translator, communication associate

Supporter associates:
Katalin Czippán, professional and project consultant
Gergely Hankó, professional consultant
Soma György Mályi, graphic designer

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