Sparkling passion and enthusiasm for CEC work in Nairobi, Kenya

Members of CEC from Kenya met with the CEC Chair and Regional Vice Chair for East and Southern Africa in Nairobi on the 7th of April 2017. The exciting lunch and meet was an introductory meeting aimed at knowing the members and their expectations on CEC.

The participants learnt that the Kenya membership is composed of educators, marketers, green economy practitioners and environmental activists. It came out very strongly that the members would like opportunities to volunteer and to ensure that they inspire all to love nature as part of #NatureForAll.

In the discussion, the members expressed that they needed training in areas such as communications to enable them contribute to the objectives of CEC more effectively. They also discussed strategies to strengthen and maintain constant contact with each other as CEC members and support each other in achieving the goals set by the Commission. It was agreed that the Commission should integrate an interdisciplinary approach towards communication and education since the members were from different fields, not only the conservation field.

A committee within the commission was formed to spearhead four main steps of action discussed in the meeting which were; communication and education training workshop, widening the #NatureForAll scope and getting more people including those in the grassroots involved, access to seed grants for members’ projects and coming up with a members’ exchange programme.

Members shared their challenges and success stories in their communication and education programs with the aim of empowering and improving the CEC membership engagement. It was agreed that each member should be responsible in sharing CEC work and getting more people to join the Commission.

The meeting ended with members sending their messages to the steering committee through the Chairman CEC and Regional Vice Chair for East and Southern Africa. From the messages, it was evident that the meeting had sparked more passion and enthusiasm in members towards achieving the mission set by CEC.

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Wangechi is an IUCN- CEC member and an environmental activist from Kenya. She is a co-founder of Save Lake Turkana Movement and \is currently doing research on alternative livelihoods in Lake Turkana and assisting in a rabies surveillance study at the Mpala Research Centre.

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