Solutions for Inspiring a New Generation

The document, Solutions for Inspiring a New Generation summarizes key themes that emerged from the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress (WPC) stream Inspiring a New Generation (ING).

In order to build support for protected areas into the future we must ensure that current and future leaders across all sectors of society care about nature and champion its conservation. Fundamental to achieving this goal is Inspiring a New Generation - ensuring that young people have the experiences in nature, particularly in childhood, that lead to deep life-long personal connections with the natural world. Parks and other protected areas are life-sustaining and enriching places that awaken wonder and inspire hope. They are the best places to offer these special experiences, particularly against the backdrop of an increasing urbanization worldwide.

The document, Solutions for Inspiring a New Generation summarizes key themes that emerged from the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress (WPC) stream Inspiring a New Generation (ING). These themes are the foundation of a framework for action by protected area agencies, young people, and their partners to help to secure a future in which millions more people around the world experience and connect with nature and take action that supports its conservation. Implementation of this framework will contribute to the delivery of Promise of Sydney recommendations that were adopted by WPC participants, support efforts by a new IUCN Task Force on the subject, and continue to build the constituency of support for conservation across sectors and societies globally.

ING, one of eight programme streams and four cross-cutting themes of the WPC, was focused on solutions for addressing concerns about humanity’s growing disconnection from nature - from children with little opportunity to engage directly with nature; to people increasingly living in cities remote from the natural world; to young adults of the technology age for whom nature is seemingly irrelevant; and to a generation who want to help protect nature but feel disempowered. The ING stream brought together protected area and conservation organizations, youth and young professionals groups, indigenous peoples, private companies, NGOs, educators, individual professionals, and others to debate and discuss how best to inspire young people across the world to become aware of, experience, connect with, love, value, and conserve nature. ING outcomes are now central to the development of transformational approaches to conservation that place relationships between people and nature at their centre. 


The ING stream highlighted the excellent work being done by institutions and individuals already involved with nature and protected areas but also recognized that much remains to be done to engage young, increasingly urban and technology-savvy audiences; to sensitize other sectors to the cross-societal imperatives of connecting people to nature; and to empower young people as leaders and decision-makers in conservation. Although not an exhaustive list, many inspiring examples are provided in Solutions for Inspiring a New Generation. Explore them, share them, learn from them, adopt them, adapt them, or support them. The future of protected areas depends on it.

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