Would you change just because I ask you to?

Science-based organizations such as IUCN, among other dynamic conservation institutions that aim to protect nature, have a multitude of facts and figures and spend a considerable amount of money to generate cutting-edge knowledge and understanding. Yet, on average, governments, the private sector, and consumers, many times still make the wrong decisions.

Have you ever wondered why it seems to be so difficult to get our conservation messages heard and acted upon?

There is a knowledge-behaviour gap that we are failing to address. At the IUCN CEC we believe that we can change the hearts, minds, and abilities of people through the right approach to communication and motivation. 

By bringing together expertise from disciplines such as change management specialists, strategic communication and marketing experts, learning and capacity development practitioners, conservationists, and behavioural and conservation psychologists, CEC actively works towards its vision: Creating a community that loves and values nature.

This blog is intended to create a platform for experts and practitioners to share, debate and advance thinking, knowledge, and action that can help us bridge the knowledge-behaviour gap!

We hope that this news blog helps to spread great ideas.

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