Dr. Aleksey A. Zavarzin

Dr. Alex Zavarzin currently is deputy director of the N.I.Vavilov All-Russia Institute of Plant Genetic Resources in St. Petersburg – the oldest and one of the three top plant gene-banks in the World. Dr. Zavarzin is responsible for the Institute’s international collaborations, education and training. Previously, he combined university professorship with service as vice-dean to the school of biology and soil sciences of SPSU, vice-provost for biology, geography, geoecology and soils and press-secretary of SPSU. Dr. Zavarzin also worked for the All-Russia center for talented children “Sirius” recently established at the former Olympic infrastructure in Sochi. For many years Dr. Zavarzin combined his academic research with work in environmental NGO “Baltic Fund for Nature”. 

Dr. Zavazrin has been an active member in a number of professional societies He participated and led many international environmental projects in Russia and NW Europe, sponsored by WWF, Programmes of European Union, UNDP with many of them being implemented under the World Conservation Union (IUCN) guidance. He has wide experience in promoting biodiversity field studies, networking of protected areas, implementation of environmental legislation and transboundary collaboration, enhancing youth involvement into decision making and introducing of education for sustainable development and communication.

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