#NatureForAll was #WithNature for #WorldEnvironmentDay

Find out how millions of people from around the world celebrated UN World Environment Day with #NatureForAll, a movement initiated through a joint task force from the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA).

#NatureForAll was formally launched on September 2nd at the 2016 International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress in Hawai’i.
#NatureForAll is a global movement to inspire love of nature. It is based on the knowledge that the more people experience, connect with, and share their love of nature, the more support and action there will be for its conservation. The mission of #NatureForAll is simple, yet powerful – working together, we will help create a culture of conservation and a diversity of opportunities enabling new audiences and constituencies to fall in love with nature.

The theme of this year’s UN World Environment Day (June 5) was Connecting People with Nature. To celebrate, #NatureForAll partners collaborated with UN Environment on a variety of activities and events to explore, celebrate, and share our love of nature.

With support from IUCN and UN Environment the following education and communication products were produced for the big day:

  • The #NatureForAll Playbook: An Action Guide for Inspiring Love of Nature (for a global audience) Download in English, French, Spanish, or Chinese.

  • The IUCN Youth Voices Curriculum Sourcebook: An international curriculum resource for teachers developed by the East-West Center in partnership with IUCN/#NatureForAll and others. Download in English, French, or Spanish.

  • World Environment Day Lesson Plan: Lessons ideas for teachers, courtesy of UN Environment. Download in English, French, Spanish, or Chinese.

  • Anne's Forest: A #NatureForAll Comic that tells our story. Download in English, French, or Spanish.

There were three primary ways to participate in World Environment Day. People had an opportunity discover and document the wildlife around them with iNaturalist; share their favourite places in nature by posting a photo or video and sharing it on social media using the hashtag #WithNature; or create and attend their own event.

The community came together in a big way. 31,190 photos were shared for the #WithNature album. 96,491 nature observations were shared on iNaturalist throughout the week leading up to and during World Environment Day. In addition, over 3.5 million #NatureForAll impressions occurred on social media.

#NatureForAll was created to help grow the important work each of its partners undertakes to connect people and nature exponentially. Rather than providing a “one size fits all” solution, #NatureForAll aims to foster enabling environments to reduce barriers and connect people with nature in different regions, contexts and realities. Through partnership, we share knowledge, strategies, and actions - amplifying our collective reach and impact to engage new audiences to connect with and fall in love with nature. World Environment Day was an ideal opportunity to amplify our collective work during a global celebration of nature.

About the Author

Tomasz is the communications coordinator for #NatureForAll, a movement initiated through a joint task force from the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA).

As the founder of WILDvoices, Tomasz also works to bridge emerging storytellers with aspiring environmental professionals to tell engaging and creative stories about the environment, and those helping to protect it.

He has been involved with the IUCN since 2014, and is passionate about the stories and people behind our community.

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