Inspiring action to protect our ocean

On June 8th, people in communities around the globe will celebrate World Oceans Day!

Beyond creating its own direct reach and impact from World Oceans Day events themselves, one of The Ocean Project's goals with coordinating this growing global event since 2002 is to create a rising tide that can help lift all ocean and related conservation boats and efforts around the world.

You can help right now by forwarding this information to your professional and personal networks!

For 2014, hundreds of events are already planned—with aquariums, zoos, museums, businesses, schools, agencies, conservation organizations, youth groups, and online—to celebrate our ocean connections and help people get involved in solutions by supporting clean energy choices, trash-free coasts and beaches, sustainable seafood, and more. has lots of free and easy-to-use resources, including a marketing kit, with logos, videos, posters, and more inspirational tools.

Here are some areas that may be of particular interest:

Action guides for event organizers on clean energy/OA, sustainable seafood, and marine debris.

Ways to take action as an individual:

Take a selfie for the sea: Show the world that you are part of the growing movement of people taking personal action for our ocean. Take a selfie showing how you’re helping the ocean or make a promise, and post with #WorldOceansDay! More:

Participate in the First Annual World Oceans Day Photo Contest. Submit your best photo now. Winners will have their photos displayed at the United Nations in New York City. More:

Help with translating and making the site culturally appropriate: We are also looking for help with translating the website and making it as culturally appropriate as possible, as well as with social media outreach in different languages, for both World Oceans Day 2014, and beyond.

For further information: Bill Mott, Director, The Ocean Project,

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