CEC teams with Pew to Convene Communication Experts

World Wildlife Fund, CI, Rare, and Resilience Now were all part of a unique group of conversation communicators convened by CEC at Pew in Washington, DC to explore strengthened cooperation and shared interests.

A select group of IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) Members along with leading communication experts based in the Washington, DC area came together to share their knowledge, ideas, and experiences in driving behavioral change. Hosted at the Pew Charitable Trusts on April 24, 2014, the meeting was convened by Nancy Colleton, Deputy Chair of the IUCN CEC and fellow CEC Member and Senior Communication Director at PEW, Justin Kenney.

The World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, Rare, and Resilience Now were all part of a unique group of conservation communicators that participated at the meeting. The open dialog and sharing of communications expertise at the meeting bodes well for conservation communication. By coordinating efforts, sharing data, and identifying best practices, each organization stands to gain a great deal. Improved efficiency, reduced overlap, and simultaneous action will amplify our impact and allow each unique organization to focus on using their core strengths to influence positive behavioral change.

This was the first time that a meeting of this type was convened by CEC and participants agreed that the networking and exchanges were extremely beneficial. The success of the meeting generated interest in reconvening - perhaps quarterly - and extending invitations to other area conservation communications leaders. The group agreed that the next gathering could facilitate working together to better understand the meta-story that shapes common efforts.

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