Conservation Education Experience with Local Stakeholders in Tibet area

CEC Steering Committee Member Hanying Li shared Conservation Education Experience with Local Stakeholders in Tibet area, Qinghai Province, China. Hanying was on a project mid-term review and implementation tasks, entrusted by an environmental NGO, which carries out projects in the Three River Sources area.

During Hanying’s stay in Bagan county in July 2017, she delivered a training to 30+ primary teachers and grass-root NGO professionals on how to tackle environmental challenges using Conservation Psychology concept. Trainees will apply what they learned to design environmental education curriculums.

Prior project survey on local conservation challenges shows that plastic waste and water pollution pose great threat to local environment and people. Hence, Hanying helped to facilitate a multi-stakeholders dialogue which was participated by county government, national parks authority, village-based NGOs, Tibetan herdsmen, school teachers, and etc. Agreed recommendations on solution will be implemented by all parties involved in the meeting.

Bagan county is over 4,000 meter in altitude (approx. 13,200 ft) and locates inside of the Three River Sources National Park. The Park covers sources of three very important rivers: Yangtze River, Yellow River, and Mekong River. Conservation in the area is critical for ecosystems in the Tibetan Plateau and the well-being of several hundred million people live along the rivers.

About the Author

Hanying Li is a passionate development professional with a strong interest in environmental education, communications and public campaigns gained over a period of 21 years. Hanying's professional career includes 15 years of experience working in China on policy advocacy, communications and fundraising. In addition, for over five years she promoted sustainable conservation in the Greater Indian Ocean area and implemented a fundraising strategy in the Asia Pacific region.

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