CEC Provided Communications Capacity Building training to a member’s organization in China

Upon request from CEC member’s organization, China Society of Forestry - CSF (also a #NatureForAll partner), CEC SC member Hanying Li and Peter Paul Van Kempen delivered a communications training course to over 40 forest managers and university students majoring in forest management during a CSF annual meeting in December 2017.

The training aimed to equip participants with a set of communications tools and techniques that can help them engage and influence key target audiences, through more effective communication of policies, project results, stories of positive impact and lessons learned. Hanying and Peter Paul introduced conservation psychology concept and shared how to incorporate this advanced concept into stakeholders’ dialogue and policy advocacy in forest management. Participants from different provinces actively involved in this participatory learning opportunity.
One participant reflected at the end of the course: 

My organization has gradually started stakeholder dialogue in decision-making process regarding nature reserve’s management. We listen to concerns from different stakeholders, but we never think of why they have such concerns. This training enlightens me in giving it some thoughts, so that to better understand stakeholders’ concerns and settle potential disagreements.

CEC promotes learning and change towards conservation and sustainable development and provides members with learning opportunities. Peter Paul, Hanying, and a few other CEC members have delivered around 10 trainings in different regions for such purposes. We hope more CEC members could use these “techniques” to conserve nature more effectively and to mobilize people to be more involved in nature conservation.

Read more about this training on IUCN website and about the host organisation China Society of Forestry (CSF).

There is a similar training that Hanying and Peter Paul delivered in July 2017 in Bangkok, to over 40 project managers and communications officers from 13 IUCN Asian country offices.

About the Author

Hanying Li is a passionate development professional with a strong interest in environmental education, communications and public campaigns gained over a period of 21 years. Hanying's professional career includes 15 years of experience working in China on policy advocacy, communications and fundraising. In addition, for over five years she promoted sustainable conservation in the Greater Indian Ocean area and implemented a fundraising strategy in the Asia Pacific region.

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