CEC and WildAid Team Up for Action

The IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and WildAid are teaming up to bring a positive and proactive message of biodiversity conservation to China.

Beginning May 16th, Airmedia's more than 2,300 screens will deliver a video message of 'Love. Not Loss' to 30 airports throughout China.

Airport visitors from Beijing to Shanghai to Guangzhou will have the opportunity to view two exciting videos—'Love. Not Loss' and 'How to Tell a Love Story', both presenting strong reminders as to why we love and value nature.

"We are delighted to this new, important collaboration with WildAid and to share our positive message of biodiversity conservation," said CEC Chair, Juliane Zeidler. "The popularity of these videos has been great and this significant exposure will only increase efforts raise awareness and promote action."

May Mei, WildAid Chief Representative of China: “We are thrilled to help this fresh new message from IUCN reach a larger audience through our partner Airmedia. 'Love. Not Loss' adds diversity to environmental activism videos. It is an important message, at an important time, delivered to a captive audience at airports around China.”

'Love. Not Loss' was produced by CEC in cooperation with the Convention on Biological Diversity. 'How to Tell a Love Story' was produced by the CEC for the World Conservation Congress.

To see the videos:

More information here.

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