All-Russia Forum of Protected Areas

All-Russia Forum of Protected Areas, devoted to the 100-years anniversary of the first “zapovednik” established in Russia, took place in the city of Sochi on September 29-October 1st, 2017. IUCN President Mr. ZHANG Xinsheng at the Forum’s opening ceremony specially noted the role of Russia in establishing principles of nature protection and country’s role in the World’s environmental movement. Joint welcome was presented by IUCN WCPA Chair Kathy MACKINNON and Director of IUCN ECARO Boris Erg.

Joint IUCN WCPA and CEC #NatureForAll movement was launched for Russia and campaign’s movie was positively accepted at the plenary. IUCN Council member Rustam SAGITOV, IUCN WCPA Regional Vice-Chair Sergey SHIROKIY and CEC Regional Vice-Chair Aleksey ZAVARZIN contributed to thematic sessions and round-tables of the Forum. Informal meeting of IUCN commission members and representatives of IUCN member organizations was arranged by CEC vice-chair at the last day of the Forum. As an outcome the IUCN Russian national committee meeting to be associated with Nature conservation conference in Moscow in December 2017 was agreed with the Ministry of natural resources of Russia. 

Important outcome of the Forum was the announcement of the 6 new Protected Areas to be established in Russia by the end of 2017.

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Dr. Alex Zavarzin currently is deputy director of the N.I.Vavilov All-Russia Institute of Plant Genetic Resources in St. Petersburg – the oldest and one of the three top plant gene-banks in the World. Dr. Zavarzin is responsible for the Institute’s international collaborations, education and training. Previously, he combined university professorship with service as vice-dean to the school of biology and soil sciences of SPSU, vice-provost for biology, geography, geoecology and soils and press-secretary of SPSU. Dr. Zavarzin also worked for the All-Russia center for talented children “Sirius” recently established at the former Olympic infrastructure in Sochi. For many years Dr. Zavarzin combined his academic research with work in environmental NGO “Baltic Fund for Nature”.

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