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CEC members are educators, learning professionals and communicators from all sectors. We often work regionally, with universities, government ministries, NGOs and the private sector. Using the tools and methods of our professions, we promote learning and change towards conservation and sustainable development. Our vision is “a global community that loves and values nature.” This vision encompasses the IUCN Global Programme, with its support of the international environmental conventions, and the promise of new partnerships for sustainability.

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CEC members help IUCN to unlock the power of networks, connect conservation to human values, and integrate know-how into daily practice. CEC Membership provides access to a learning community with common goals. You will be invited to participate in activities, exchange ideas, contribute your opinions and apply your expertise. Members enjoy opportunities to advise on policy and strategy to support IUCN priorities. Member resources include a newsletter and website that facilitate knowledge exchanges and learning. Email us by clicking the button below to get started!

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We encourage all members to exchange ideas, contribute opinions, apply their expertise, advise on policy and strategy to support IUCN priorities, or simply share updates about projects and programmes. Download and complete our news submission form (english), Spanish or French, and email it to

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Featured Member

Eric Phu

Digital & Marketing Leader, Infin80 Group.

Tech Geek, Amateur Photographer & Terrible Guitar Player

I always have a variety of projects I'm juggling - with CEC, I'm currently working on the Inspiring a New Generation initiative to attract new peo..

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