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What is a blog without people communicating, analyzing and disseminating experiences, opinions and observations?

Understanding that our network is as successful as our participation, CEC created as an interactive web-based tool to facilitate the think tank and expert exchange aspirations of our membership.

Our engaging platform offers the latest views from thought leaders, as well as international conservation updates. If you are interested in editorial and feature articles, please look for "Thought Leaders." For noteworthy information about CEC member activities, please read the "Members in Action" articles. See below for more on these two categories.

Additionally, every month will profile five CEC members to help visitors learn from one another and contribute to the creation of an online resource library.

Guiding Questions for Publishing on

As a CEC member, we encourage you to take full advantage of this platform to exchange ideas, contribute your opinions, apply your expertise, advise on policy and strategy to support IUCN priorities, or simply to share updates about your projects and programmes.

Key questions to ask when writing for our news blog include, but are not limited to:

  • What are good examples of strategic communications about nature?
  • What is your target audience looking for, and what are their interests?
  • What are your biggest success stories and/ or failures?
  • What are some innovative approaches in communication and learning that you can share?

Differences between "Thought Leaders" and "CEC Members in Action" Articles

Thought Leaders: Science Communication and Learning

This section hosts opinion pieces. It also reflects the author(s) position and viewpoint and is an analytic expression of some of CECs key issues. There are certain issues that we are especially interested in at this time. Articles that reveal relevant facts or ideas; offer critiques on concepts and/ or solutions to perceived problems; and recommendations as it pertains to engaging youth in nature; as well as innovative practices from around the world that inspire people to visit, love and value nature are encouraged. Other topics include ideas on how to achieve better conservation outcomes through improved strategic communication; examples of storytelling for science; case studies on the use of positive communication or principles of social science to inspire change; and new social media approaches to get our messages across.

Members in Action

This is the news section for articles that inform about recent or important events and activities. This section also shares innovative experiences with nature/ nature education that have the potential to impact people positively. For example, one article tells of a new recycling game that is currently being developed by the Göncöl Foundation and IUCN CEC. CEC members, Katalin Czippán and Enikő Szilágyi, from Hungary are spearheading the development. The game focuses on the connections between mining, recycling of aluminum and nature conservation.

How to submit your story

Download the submission forms and send your stories via to 

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